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Master Template Package

Master Template Package

Our Master Package is the ULTIMATE Revit template containing ALL of our original content including walls, floors, doors, windows, apartments and tutorials.


Content and settings have been carefully checked and laid out in an easy to use manner. Every item has had both realistic materials applied as well as appropriate graphics and styles set up for instant use.


We also offer you the chance to join our exclusive network which includes free upcoming content and influence on what we work on next.


    • 75 wall types
    • 125 floor types
    • 110 Door instances
    • 22 Experimental door instances
    • 30 Door accessories
    • 105 Window instances
    • 14 Window accessories
    • 36m2 Preset apartment
    • 50m2 Preset apartment
    • 100m2 Preset apartment
    • 110 Interior families and furniture
    • 14 curtain wall mullion types


    • 5 Tutorials on Walls, Floors, Doors, Windows and Families
    • 95 Line styles
    • 90 Draft fill patterns
    • 100 Model fill patterns
    • Over 450 materials

    We are a growing platform and by supporting us we are enabled to continue developing content. As such we would like to offer full package clients year-long membership access to new content and updates, absolutely free.

    Your membership will include:

    • Access to all new updates and content that we produce for the next 6 months.
    • A first look at new updates, fixes and content.
    • A say in our future development. Give us feedback on what you would like to see next and we will make it happen.


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